is above all a music enthusiast. In turn documentary director for the Arte channel, chief editor for Sundance, radio host, written press journalist and of course DJ. His specialty: Electronic music. Journalist for MCM (La Chaîne Musicale) in the 90s, he quickly became independent and wrote for numerous magazines specializing in electronic music (Coda, Traxxx, Technikart, Keyboards) before joining the Tracks team, the cult show about alternative cultures on the Arte channel.

Curious about underworld worlds and music, he made numerous documentary films on the Free Party movement at a time when few people understood this environment and its cultural importance. His films are considered today as cult references of this culture (World Traveler Adventures, We Had A Dream Heretik) and have several million views on the internet. Eager for professional freedom, he emancipated himself from traditional media and created Radiomarais, a Web radio broadcasting from an art gallery in Paris. Radiomarais, Bouscula cultural conventions, 35 presenters, 60 programs generated, All Paris hype and underground met there for live broadcasts and mixes. A true laboratory, it inspired numerous independent Parisian media. In 2016, he became artistic director of the largest independent French turner: Asterios, then in 2018, artistic director of the Lodge festive establishments which can accommodate more than 2000 people.

Having always invested in the electronic movement, he organizes numerous Rave parties and other electronic concepts, notably the Plouf Plouf cruises! The first electronic cruises in Paris. Every summer for 6 years, he brings together the cream of the Parisian electronic scene to perform during a cruise on the Seine. At the same time, Mr Bonus manages his career as a DJ and shares the bill with many international artists such as Monika Kruse, Busy-P, Chloe, Jennifer Cardini, Vitalic, Adana Twins, Popof, Agoria… In 2019 it is the consecration , since he is invited to come and mix on the Champs Elysées on the evening of December 31 before the fireworks and in front of 450,000 people. Today, he only devotes himself to music and his DJ career. Residing for more than 10 years in the internationally renowned taverns "Rosa Bonheur" (5 taverns in Paris), he regularly performs in Parisian clubs such as Rexclub, Le Wanderlust, Le Baron, Nexus...

Usefull links: Youtube 

Mix recorded àt the Rex Club year-teaser-by-mr-bonus 

Online mixes 

Online films mixes h t t p s : / / w w w. fa c e b o o k . c o m / r a d i o m a r a i s / v i d e o s / 395422518455392?locale=fr_FR

h t t p s : / / w w w. fa c e b o o k . c o m / r a d i o m a r a i s / v i d e o s / 316370423083687?locale=fr_FR

Elisabeth Duda is a Franco-Polish journalist, speaker and actress, writer of three books, translator of plays, she received the Senate Prize for French Presence Abroad. She worked as a columnist and news journalist on Polish television for 10 years, presented thematic conferences in 7 languages and hosted festivals and exhibitions around the world (Embassies, Nestlé, BMW, Carrefour, Auchan, Crédit Agricole, etc.) and we even find her as artistic director of the exhibition on Marie Curie at the Panthéon in 2017. She organizes and hosts numerous successful events, such as the Franco-Polish Week in Paris in 2018 which attracts 6,000 people, notably thanks to the concert of PERFECT group or Jean-Paul Lubliner's photographic exhibition around the 130th anniversary of the Eiffel Tower in 6 cities in Poland. 

She receives the prize for Polish cultural personality in France in 2022.

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